This service has ended.  Email if you would like to purchase the site.

    DataStorageUnit is a backup storage provider that encourages the use of open-source applications.
    Examples include  SFTP, RSYNC, UNISON & SSHFS ... so you can choose any apps that support those.
    We only charge based on allocated storage so feel free to backup from as many clients as you like.

    Use Rsync to backup a headless server or an

    ssh-accessible server that you manage remotely.

    Create Encrypted Directories to 
    add an extra layer of security 
    using "EncFS".  Mount these directly on the server, or remotely via "SSHFS".
    Backup your phone or tablet reliably using
    the most popular android based Rsync utility.
    Mount your remote storage 
    directly on your PC using SSHFS.
    Use the Web Interface to 
    Conveniently access your files even when you are away from home.
    Full Shell for logging in to
    manage your files, or to run other admin tasks
     Easy access to your files
    via "My Computer" in 
    Windows.  Using Free Swish-Sftp Utility.
    Convenient Backup via SFTP
    For Cisco CallManager Systems

    These are just some of the Capabilities this service provides.

    Partner apps:  
    HandyBackup <-- StandardEdition+SFTP - $59.00 Value!
      Free for a limited time to new Customers running Windows

    GoodSync <-- Currently available at a discounted price of
    $23.95 for any new subscribers.

    More discounts to come.